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Current Issue Number 86 Vol. 29 October 2013
Mending The Moon

100 DAYS IN DEADLAND by Rachel Aukes (, 447 pp., $18.15. ISBN 978-1-470188-054 (click to purchase).

I generally don’t read self-published novels, but every once in a while I make an exception. True Review readers will probably agree this was good one.

Despite being ANOTHER zombie novel, Aukes is able to surprise us and shatter some zombie-fiction expectations.

100 DAYS IN DEADLAND is patterned after Dante’s Inferno, focusing on the nine circles of hell. This allegorical novel focuses on the current day after Earth has been consumed by a deadly virus and, like the zombie novels some of us have grown to appreciate, for whatever reason, the curse is transmuted by the transfer of blood or saliva from the zombies (Zed) to humans.

In DEADLAND, Aukes provides not necessarily a near-end of the world novel but more like humanity’s end as we know it. Stragglers, survivors of the plague, band together to fight the Zed “herds” that plague the living, consuming the final human survivors.

There are too many zombie novels out there. How many new or inventive ideas are going to arise from this (slowly becoming tired) genre? The world is ceaselessly ridden by HAVES (the humans) and the HAVE-NOTS (Zeds). What else is new? What else can we learn about the zombies?

Obviously Aukes loves the poet Virgil and “Inferno,” littering the novel with homage and symbolism everywhere in DEADLAND. The focus is on survivors near Des Moines, Iowa. In this case, Mia Ryan has to abandon her protected middle-class upbringing and bring new armor to her life as “Cash.” She meets Joseph Seibert, sergeant first class, 75th Ranger Regiment, nicknamed “Clutch.” In their world order, the Zeds are relatively easy to dispose of. It’s the existing humans that have re-banded into something even more deadly that Cash and Clutch have to confront.

So the two spend their time fighting an ex-military officer, “Doyle,” and his recruits, “dogs,” intent on putting down anything that gets in their way or usurps their power at the survival camps they have set up. That includes any resistance from still-surviving humans. Cash must become as ruthless as Doyle and his dogs to fight for a world she believes she can rescue, or a standard of living that can be re-animated (for lack of a better word). Can Cash and Clutch fight for peace on Earth?

I love Aukes’ intense plotting, her narrative verve, and certainly how well she engages us in these characters. Cash and Clutch seem real and possible. You only hope the world they inherited isn’t.

Aukes has informed us that, in her words, “Right now I'm focused on the Deadland Saga, which will be a 3-part story shadowing the 3 poems of the Divine Comedy. Deadland's Harvest is coming in the late spring, which I'm writing now. Deadland Rising is expected late 2014. I'm also working on several short stories tied with the Deadland Saga.”

We look forward to seeing what Aukes will do. This should be a lot of fun.Andrew Andrews


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Andrew M. Andrews

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