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Current Issue Number 86 Vol. 29 October 2013
The Hand of Osiris

THE HAND OF OSIRIS by Frank Cavallo. Weird West Books (, 280 pp., $13.95. ISBN 978-1-939065-23-0 (click to purchase).

Jacob Hatcher, a man dying of a wasting lung disease, turns bounty hunter. He seeks a fortune for his beloved wife and kids. The risk and reward: capture, preferably alive, sharpshooter and ex-Confederate soldier Jedediah Sykes.

On the chase, Hatcher follows Sykes into the dangerous, Comanche-ridden desert, where Hatcher comes upon a town in the wild west like no other. Very off the beaten path. Shootouts leave people dead, but only temporarily.

Meanwhile Sykes, hiding from all lawmen in the same town of Gehenna, meets the mysterious snake-like entity known to everyone only as Mr. Osiris. Osiris has the power, via his hands, to reanimate the dead – several times, in fact. Until Hatcher manages to steal Osiris’ hand and is able to capture lots of money by selling it to a very shady, criminal rail baron by the name of Darius Staplehurst. But Osiris wants his possession returned, at almost any cost, and sends Sykes back out of Gehenna to the bounty hunter to retrieve it.

There are loud, miserable, dark characters in this “Weird West” novel, but the fun is in the frontier grittiness that Cavallo provides. Lots of harrowing descriptions of an evil West – and the morally and spiritually empty places there. A very mean wild west.Andrew Andrews


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Ghosts Know


GHOSTS KNOW, by Ramsey Campbell. TOR (, 2013, 285 pp., $25.99. ISBN 978-0-7653-3633-0 (click to purchase).

Radio talk show hosts and mysterious psychics – and how provocative that combination can be – provide the fuel for another engaging and horrifying novel from Campbell.

Andrew M. Andrews
23 Years on Fire


23 YEARS ON FIRE, by Joel Shepherd. Pyr/Prometheus (, 2013, 435 pp., $16.95. ISBN 978-1-61614-810-2 (click to purchase).

Hunter-killer android Cassandra Kresnov returns in this book to aid the Federation to visit a portion of League space called New Torah to find a way to stop a regime of corporations from building synthetic soldiers. What she discovers will test her belief and loyalties to her known universe.

Andrew M. Andrews


ANATHEMA by D.A. Dalessandro. First Folio Press (, 2013, 279 pp., $10.99. ISBN 978-0-98951-051-6 (click to purchase).

A creature has come to terrorize the isolated island of Nantucket in 1856, before science could even grasp the concept of evolution and before anybody could grasp the concept of a monster that could be explained. In Nantucket in the mid-19th Century, there was Prudence Mott and Harvard medical student Balthazar Andrews. Anathema is the first of a planned trilogy. The second novel, Armies of the Night, according to the author’s Website ( is set during the Civil War.

Andrew M. Andrews


CROOKED by Richard Pett. Broken Eye Books (, 2013, 541 pp., $19.99. 978-1-94037-200-6 (click to purchase).

From the press release: “If you’re a fan of the decayed streets of Mieville, Vandermeer, Lovecraft, and Conan Doyle, Richard Pett’s grim, phantasmagorical tale of urban fantasy and revolution may be just up your alley.”

Andrew M. Andrews

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Apocalypse 13


SHE WALKS IN DARKNESS by Evangeline Walton. Tachyon Publications (, 2013, 184 pp., $14.95. ISBN 978-1-61696-133-6 (click to purchase).