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Current Issue Number 88 Vol. 31 April 2014
Lovers & Fighters, Starships & Dragons

LOVERS AND FIGHTERS, STARSHIPS AND DRAGONS, by Tom Purdom, with an introduction by Michael Swanwick. Fantastic Books (, 2014, 355 pp., $15.99. ISBN 978-1-61720-943-7. Click here to purchase.

Tom Purdom has assembled a great collection of tales. Many are quite good; but what you may think are good others could label mediocre. But the following rank fairly high in my mind:

“Bonding With Morry.” In this “brave new world,” there are robotic assistants who can do a lot of things us humans can’t. One man buys Clank, a robot who helps the old professor Morry with a lot of household chores. But there are organizations pushing for “cyber rights” and “ugliness” for a robot is out. So Morry adopts some changes to Clank – but do you think the robot really cares?

“Dragon Drill.” In the land of Silesia, in the time of the Prussian rule, a princess of Hapsburg bravely realizes she must be offered as a sacrifice to a mythical creature, a dragon, which could destroy an entire city. But it is up to her and a great army to stop the formidable creature. In the face of such adversity, can the people of the land overcome an attack?

“Sheltering.” Wargames, a history of conflicts, and a father-son relationship to understand the nature of the human tendency to go to war make this a fascinating, timeless story.

“A Response from EST17.” First Contact with another species could invoke many timelines, many outcomes, and could take a lot longer than we imagine. And Purdom gives us plenty to think about when advanced species first make contact with humans.

“The Mists of Time.” This story is eerily similar to the time-traveling historian tales prevalent in the best works of Connie Willis. In this case, a woman “travels” to the past via a viewing portal, of sorts, to see the anti-slavery warfare ships of Queen Victoria’s time. And the time traveler sees the actions of a very heroic captain and the unusual decisions that ultimately impact all of human history.Andrew Andrews


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Andrew M. Andrews

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